Say Good-Bye to Mold on Vinyl Siding in Wrentham, Massachusetts

Even though it's widely used, bark mulch is not intended to be used near homes, as it attracts termites and other insects according to some horticulturists. It should be used away from structures.
Artillery fungus is a common problem for homeowners and business owners who have vinyl siding and use bark mulch. In short, this fungus feeds and grows on bark mulch, and when it matures, it gives off spores, which can shoot up to 10' to 15' in the air.

It appears on vinyl siding as black or brown spots in its initial gummy state. Untreated, it dries and hardens, and becomes impossible to remove—even through pressure cleaning. Treat it quickly with services from Power Clean.

Removing Mold from Painted Surfaces

Mold, algae, and dirt can make a painted surface look dingy and old. Our pressure-washing contractor is readily available to remove it for you, and it won't damage the paint if it's in good condition.

Thin or chipped paint isn't a problem. In fact, we'll clean it with a minimal amount of paint removal. If the siding requires a fresh coat of paint, we can increase the pressure to remove loose paint to make the job easy.
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Contact our pressure-washing contractor from Wrentham, Massachusetts, and we'll tackle your project for you.